The Synod goes on in Rome. And I join all of you in praying for it! Last year for the Synod of the Family, I made this pic describing how it came across in the daily blurbs. I know, forgive, me, but... it was mighty fitting, you must admit. I don't have a lot to [...]

Clearly I need to spend time with, and reread, the Pastoral Rule of St. Gregory the Great.  So much there.  From Book I:   What manner of man ought to come to rule? That man, therefore, ought by all means to be drawn with cords to be an example of good living who already lives [...]

Ragweed,  My Bane. So I'm learning about aperture settings. I picked f5.6 as an aperture setting because... well why not? Do you have a favorite?   All of these photos are at f5.6. Question:  Father, why don't you write about the Church, especially about the Synod going on right now? Answer:  I actually spend a [...]

I clearly have a lot of work to do. It dawned me a time ago, that I really just take snapshots and hope for the best. I couldn't begin to use a camera's settings if I tried! Well OK, I could begin. But it would be bad... very, very bad. And I clearly don't have [...]

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