Fr. KA

This is a great documentary on St. Augustine of Canterbury, who's feast is celebrated today in the extraordinary calendar. As the narration tells us towards the end today every Christian in England owes his faith to St. Augustine. They could probably use him back right about now.

The title of this post in all honesty has little to do with the content, other than that the contents are vaguely connected. It is, in all reality, a music post which left me feeling a little ignorant, and yet a bit more educated. After all, life is all about learning, living, loving, friends, charity, [...]

I am always fascinated by the Venerable Bede. A part of that is simply that I don't know that much about him, aside from the basics, being a student of music and theology, rather than history. What a simple life this man led... prayer, reading Scripture, writing. I've read that this hymn which he composed [...]

You know, every now and again I have to check into the site and get some updates done. So, while we're at it... Here are a few updates. I. I've been working out and dieting diligently, and have gained about 15 pounds. Someone before the 6PM Mass this even even patted my belly and asked [...]

"Rid your minds, then, of every encumbrance, keep full mastery of your senses, and set your hopes on the gracious gift that is offered you when Jesus Christ appears. Obedience should be native to you now; you must not retain the mould of your former untutored appetites. No, it is a holy God who has [...]

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