I've actually grown to really like this in many respects.... However: Many people look at me in shock when they find out that in my previous life, prior to Priesthood, I was a musician. There are next to zero recordings of anything I've ever played for; however, this is one of them. And the only [...]

Our Oak Tree

I realize there are many very pressing issues in the world, let alone in the Church, let alone in our Parish. However, our beautiful oak tree in front of St. Joseph Hall appears to be dying. We're thinking it might be a water pipe issue, and are taking steps to resolve it, as well as [...]

The convocation has been enjoyable and informative. I find myself wishing there were more free time ... but that's just me. We've covered the canons concerning the Sacrament of Confession, from the very beginning to the present. What struck me most is that in the earliest times people only confessed extremely major, generally public things, [...]

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