A Super Moon

A few shots I took of the Super Moon the other day from the Riverwalk in New Orleans. I’m not the best…. but practice makes perfect, and I’m still all about the practicing of art. In reality, I’m more of a snapshot taker than a photographer. I hope to grow as the Lord may wish; [...]

Day 2, of 365

So, I’m under the weather, but am continuing my 365 Project of a photo a day. Lord knows if I’ll keep posting them here. But I do hope to keep up with the project. And Lord knows I have zero use for alcohol in my diet. But it ostensibly made for a better picture. It’s [...]

A succor is born every minute, and amidst so much to do I’ve fallen for it again. The 365 project. Or, the project’s actual site. Actually, quite a few of these sites exist, which I hadn’t realized. Essentially, you take a photo everyday and post it into the online group. The idea is to get [...]

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