365 Project

Day 2, of 365

So, I’m under the weather, but am continuing my 365 Project of a photo a day. Lord knows if I’ll keep posting them here. But I do hope to keep up with the project. And Lord knows I have zero use for alcohol in my diet. But it ostensibly made for a better picture. It’s [...]

A succor is born every minute, and amidst so much to do I’ve fallen for it again. The 365 project. Or, the project’s actual site. Actually, quite a few of these sites exist, which I hadn’t realized. Essentially, you take a photo everyday and post it into the online group. The idea is to get [...]


We’re a beekeeping kind of Parish. It’s relaxing for the beekeepers, and healthy for the bees. And a few shots of favorite bee flowers also… Well except for that beautiful rose.

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