Bulletin Notes

Scripture often speaks to us in irony. For instance in the readings today we are presented with two widows; on the widow in Zarapeth who heeds the call of the Prophet Elijah, and the widow at the Temple who tosses her two small coins into the collection. Widows were often quite poor in Biblical days, [...]

At long last we come to a pivotal event in our nation’s history; Election Day 2012. Looking at the Ballot online, there are as usual a slew of amendments; amongst them is the proposed Amendment to the Louisiana Constitution about the Right to Bear Arms? This takes me back to the Bill of Rights, and [...]

"The Bread of Life"

It’s easy to sense the growing exasperation in the Gospel as Jesus tries to teach the crowds about the Bread of life. The crowds were exasperated by the mere thought of Jesus giving us his flesh and blood for food. Jesus is probably exasperated with their lack of understanding. however, being the model of patience [...]