O God, Who have brightened this most holy night with the splendor of the true light, grant, we beseech You, that we may know in heaven the joy of that light which we have known mystically on earth. Sometimes I realize I have no business keeping a weblog.   Though I do get a fair [...]

Steak and Bake

Over the years I've scraped together my pennies, saved up and otherwise cut expenses, well, for many reasons. One of those reasons is so that occasionally I can afford a nice meal out somewhere. For the last several Christmases, I've gotten together with my friends Barbara, and Fr. John, as we all are in similar [...]

For obvious reasons, I don't have a lot of time for blogging during the Advent and the Feast of Christmas. During the actual Christmas Season, from the 25th until January 6th or so, there's a lot more time to be spent updating here and there. But suffice it to say that despite the busyness, it [...]