Today I was asked to take part in the Groundbreaking Ceremonies for St. Andrew’s Village (this being the Feast of St. Andrew, and all.) Fr. Bill Billinski was there; he helps with Confessions for a lot of the “God’s Special Children” Masses and knows many of the founders present. Sen. Mary Landrieu gave the Keynote [...]

I have issues, man.  And every now and again I take a faceplant on the path to holiness. See, every now and again I’m reminded that I need to head to Confession.  Priests are only human; those to whom much is given… etc.  The burden of conscience is higher since we’re trained in such issues [...]

A brief bike ride as Isaac fell apart, and this is the memorable pic. It’s right there by the bike path all the time, I just haven’t had my camera with me until the hurricane hit. And this. It’s what happens during hurricanes, since they last forever and a day. And then they go on [...]

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