Martello Castle

The heat’s on, french fry, and as usual at this point in the summer, it’s managed to wear me down a bit. Here are some recent linx: I enjoy Fr. Jim’s blog, very inspiring; I’m perpetually behind, in keeping up with him, in posting my Homilies. Fr. Michael Berry, is on assignment at World Youth [...]

A New Teaching

This from the Naked Pastor. The Anchoress was writing about just the same thing today. More or less. She writes: “Perhaps if all of us turned off the TV, shut down the internet, silenced the iPods and spent 15-30 minutes a day taking instruction in his presence or beneath his Cross, our humility would be [...]

I stumbled upon Vox Nova the other day. It’s a google away from the personal website of David Cruz-Uribe, who I first noticed chronicling anti-Catholicism on the web. Also, found Catholic Tide the other day. Good Catholic news aggregate site, easy on the eyes, solid info and an encouraging section on praying the Liturgy of [...]

Redoing Linx..

I’m getting together some links to eventually redo my connections, and have a couple here… Well, I just deleted one, realizing it’s heretical. Life is tough like that sometimes. Focus on the Family’s Plugged In offers reviews and reflections, etc., on pop culture. Well, I guess that’s it. An Interesting Article relates ongoing Christian leaders’ [...]