New Orleans

Cardinal Sean spoke at our recent Priest’s Convention (or Convocation, as it were,) and posted very beautifully about New Orleans on his blog. His Homily was magnificent, and I wish that I had a copy of it (I never take notes during Mass.) My apologies for the poor picture; while the iphone is becoming the [...]

Thank God for WWL-TV, who’ve posted the arrangements for Arhcbishop Hannan’s funeral . Wake and funeral arrangements for Archbishop Philip Hannan: Monday, Oct. 3 – Hannan’s body will be received at 5 p.m. at Notre Dame Seminary, S. Carrollton Ave. Monday, Oct. 3 – Evening prayer service Monday for the priests of the Archdiocese Monday, [...]

I’ve taken an interest in Margaret Huaghery. She was a humble woman of extremely humble origins who, through hard work and prayer built a small empire and dedicated her time and wealth to helping the poor and the orphaned. Margaret’s Birthplace has been preserved. There’s a Margaret Huaghery site. And there’s even a Catholic Encyclopedia [...]