Action Shots

I’d like to think I don’t look like this all the time during the middle of Mass. We needed some photos for an upcoming project, ran over to the Church and launched right into an impromptu photo shoot. It was sudden, fast, abrupt… and I kept chuckling. But, prayerfully. Fr. Kevin on the other hand, [...]

Paella Day

Because it’s the end of summer, and because I’m cleaning and reorganizing everything from the ground up in general, and because I’m ready to tackle every project hanging over my head and conquer it victoriously… I’m cleaning up my dusty, musty website here. In doing so, I found some old directories filled with photos for [...]

This is an oak tree in Abita Springs, near one of our parishioner’s farms. I posted this on Instagram and Facebook. I’ve driven past if before, but for whatever reason I just didn’t take note of it. And this time, it’s not that anything was really different; it’s in the middle of the day so [...]

This week we had a workshop at the Abbey, called Good Leaders, Good Shepherds  It’s put out by the Catholic Leader’s Institute. It’s great, but I am exhausted. The Abbey is beautiful and serene. Er… maybe it was a bit too dark for photo ops. Outside and in… But aside from that, it’s a great [...]

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