I’ve been reading up on some tech issues involving security, website issues, and a host of other things. I’ve found some great things. While its always been a nagging feeling that I should do more for security, famed whistleblower Edward Snowden recently said that professionals, and he mentioned priests, should do more for the security [...]

Saturday AM

Dave’ Ramsey’s optimistic take on keeping ourselves together during an economic downturn. Bios of Keynes, Smith, Freidman, and Volker… shapers of the current economic system. Protective ID sleeves because our credit / debit cards, driver’s licenses, etc, can be read by RDIF chip readers at just about any time, and anyone can get all of [...]

Wednesday Morning…

Have been looking at online security again, and am interested in Privacy Crisis, a complete guide to living more securely. In the exercise front, am looking at Tall Guys Ultimate Workout, a great program for men over 6’2. From VISnews, the Vatican Information Service, on On St. Anselm .“In St. Anselm’s view, then, a theologian’s [...]