the garden

Surely you remember last year's unforgettable installment of Better Gardening Through Photoshop, where we first viewed the garden out back here at the Rectory. Actually we first viewed it almost exactly one year ago, in Into the Garden, followed closely by Garden Redux. But if you're new here, take a gander now: Ah, one could [...]

Garden Redux

The garden is coming along. Just a flashback to an earlier state (but not the earliest, which was even more frightening.) Then it got a good scrub down on May 3. Not too shabby, and better things are on the way.

Oh. Yes... This could work. You know, there's a lot you can't write about as a Priest. For instance, a lot of what we do during any given day, be it working with the disenfranchised, counseling, Confessions, etc. But when I'm not doing any of that, and I'm not reading, and I'm not at the [...]

A Busy Sunday

In between Masses today I could be found roaming the gardens looking with a furrowed brow at the ivies growing on fences, weeds taking over rose beds, and the plethora of rocks in the side garden. Utterly beset, I decided to take a picture of this small statue. It used to bother me since it [...]