Thought for the Day

I haven’t gotten around to doing much here lately, as I’ve been pre-occupied with living life, Pastoring the Parish, et cetera, but it’s spring now! Easter is right around the corner, with brand new changes abounding all over the place. Here’s looking forward.

Hurricanes mean long, long times of waiting. There’s tons of stuff to do before hand, and tons of stuff to do afterward. But during the storm, if you’re lucky, there’s not much to do at all. For a day or two. In the case of Isaac, we’re on day two; after a day of non [...]


“From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him.” John 6:66 The number “666” is overwhelmingly popular in our culture run amok. Ever since it’s use in the Book of Revelation some 2,000 years ago, people have been trying to discern it’s meaning. Some things never change. Wikipedia gives it [...]

Earlier this morning I came across this holy card of St. Jane de Chantal. And, since it’s her feast day according to the old, 1962 Ordo, decided to post it along with the novena which is on the back page. Novena O Glorious saint, blessed Jane Frances, who by the fervent prayer, attention to the Divine [...]

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