Peru, 2016

Anyone who knows me, knows that I tend to spend vacation time visiting and praying in foreign missions. Either that or hiking, which brings up entirely different issues that we won’t go into right now. This year was no different. One of our Parishioners is discerning a vocation to religious life in the Family of [...]

The Tonquin Valley

This actually belongs towards the middle of the entire Canadian Hiking segment. Still, while its a mis-chronicled chronicle, it’s at least here. A random photo from the Tonquin Valley… we hiked a circuit in this valley which, from the looks of things, is rarely done. And I am here to tell the tale! Don’t do [...]

After walking over 11 miles, and reaching Big Shovel Pass, one starts looking for the Shovel Pass Lodge. There’s a rather daunting view of the trail as it passes up and over the next pass which is called the Notch. And it’s only daunting because at this point there’s really no telling where the Lodge [...]

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