After walking over 11 miles, and reaching Big Shovel Pass, one starts looking for the Shovel Pass Lodge. There’s a rather daunting view of the trail as it passes up and over the next pass which is called the Notch. And it’s only daunting because at this point there’s really no telling where the Lodge [...]

The Berg Lake Trail

The other day I hiked the Berg Lake Trail with my buddy Fr. Jimmy. Here are a few photos from the trail… I had not relished the thought of doing this trail for quite a few reasons. Mainly, it’s a 12 mile hike with a serious altitude gain in the last half, and we were [...]

I was out of town the other day walking along a small river, when suddenly I saw something I’ve never seen before. Thank goodness I had my cellphone camera. It was a flock of geese bringing the kids out for a swim on the river! It was such an interesting site.   I followed them [...]