I’ve been getting therapy. Physical Therapy that is, for the knee injury I had last spring. Of course the knee didn’t bother me at all during my epic walk through Spain on the Camino de Santiago. The physician instructed me in the finer points of … well, the fact that I need to stretch more [...]

Why Fitness?

To tidy up this ‘fitness’ thing, which is not a New Year’s Resolution at all, I’m currently working through, here are a few more thoughts to ponder. Most of my life has included rigorous excercise. Priesthood can be one of the most sedentary professions on earth, for many reasons: schedules get busy, emergency calls come [...]

Priestly Fitness

A large part of my life has been devoted to exercise, trying to eat right, and fitness in general. I’ve been striving to get that balance back, and have been doing well for the most part in that I went backpacking 84 miles a few months ago, my cycling mileage is getting better (“better” being [...]


I was thinking the other day, that I have major trust issues on some fronts. Trust? “Just trust me.” People, friends old, friends new, are wonderful. And it’s always an invitation to trust more as we go through life. It can bring laughter… or stark experiences… Beautiful times… Beautiful friends. Longtime buddies… Amazing families…. And [...]

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