Change I Can Believe In

Yes, I apologize. I hit ‘Publish’ instead of ‘Save Draft’, and sent this out to numerous persons blindly.

Rather than commenting frenetically on climate change, it occured to me to research Catholic teachings on the subject in more depth.

Catholics and Climate Change has a lot of info. And the coordinator publishes with the USCCB. And there’s a tugboat on the river outside?


Excuse me. I’ve just never seen that before.

Anyway! Here’s the Good News on Climate Change.

Archbishop Migliore acknowledged that although not all scientists agree that climate change is occurring, other environmental threats, such as indiscriminate deforestation, water pollution, the lack of potable water in parts of the world and depletion of fish stocks, demand action from the world community and individual Catholics alike.

True not everyone agrees on climate change. And, there’s no doubt pollution is rampant and we can all be better stewards. Here, here!

Archbishop Migliore, the Vatican’s Ambassador to the U.N. says people can adopt lifestyle of Voluntary Simplicity; it comes down to “working less, wanting less, spending less.”

Work less. Want less. Spend less.

I can handle that.

So…. if you need me I’ll be out on the veranda working less. And contemplating the goodness of creation, boats in the flooded river, staving off the spring chill…

And I have to prepare for Human Achievement Hour: tonight, 8:30-9:30PM.