A Growing Interest in Genocides

What the title says…

I’m interested in learning more over at Genocide Watch.  Too, they list Anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia, but don’t mention Modern Persecution of Christians.  Which somehow leads me to want to check out this site on Religious Tolerance sometime when I have more time. For starters at least, I’d imagine there are more resources available.

The 8 Stages of Genocide, and the 12 Ways to Deny Genocide are interesting reads — especially looking at the language being bandied about in public circles in the USA regarding tolerance and hate speech.

Sort of makes our own problems seem a bit paltry, even though they aren’t.

You know interestingly enough Genocide Watch says the Catholic Church could have been more instrumental in preventing the genocide in Rwanda. That’s undeniably true.  But it would of course have done so by looking past the differences of peoples into the common realm, which for the Church is always pointing towards the person of Jesus Christ.  So… how does one do that without being religiously ‘intolerant’ of other faiths, other viewpoints, etc, when to merely express belief in Christ or the teachings of the Church is often branded intolerant ignorance.

Notwithstanding that, surely there’s a way to overcome genocides, help prevent them, help be a healing presence in the world, without sacrificing cherished beliefs — surely.