Feeling Fluish… Just the Weblog of late… Out and about, so to check out:

Five conservative women bloggers

Catholicism Computes; interesting blog, plus has the great WordPress plugin for Catholics – Catholic Reference Extension which I, admittedly, have not gotten around to actually plugging in.

The Recovering Choir Director promises future leisure reading. I can relate to being a recovering choir director / organist / sacred musician and now, recovering priest: it’s brutal on the front lines! The gates of hell are no place to spend an eternity.

I’ve been Twitterring up a storm, but am now contemplating Friend Feed; the front lines often extend to social networking too, of course.

World news: The drama continues over Obama’s Birth Certificate. Sheesh…. what’s the big deal about a birth certificate? Most of us keep them handy, we take them when evacuating for storms, etc. Why expect any less from the president?

A new NASA study demonstrates that Solar Cycles are responsible for past warming, not mankind.

Just for fun: A Blonde-Star rescue call.

A cop confiscates marijuana, then bakes it in brownies and is calls 911 reporting his overdose.

Off to heal…