Hither and Yon, Blogging Anon…

So I’ve been pretty busy of late but actually to the point of blogging it has more to do with an old computer.

Basically the computer, an Acer Ferarri lest we think it’s slack, (even though it is, in it’s antiquity!) crashes fairly often. So I have a lot of drafts that are saved, some that are saved automatically when the computer crashes, some that I save meaning to come back to them then get distracted by said crashes and having a life in general. That’s life these days.

Added to that is the general desire to simply redo the entire thing and move to a different site. We’ll see what comes of that.

At any rate, expect varied and sporadic posts from time to time over the next several weeks followed by vacation updates. Then I hope to be posting from a new computer. We’ll see what comes of that too.

Peace, out.

The Rev. Kenneth Allen