In Memoriam: Monsignor Roger Swenson

The obit is here.

Born January 21, 1937, and died March 9, 2010.

I spent the night sitting up with him, or listening to him via the monitor while I was in my office, and gradually grew aware that his breathing had changed, and so went to pray with him. He died peacefully around 7:45 a.m, surrounded in prayer.

He was a very difficult man to get to know, and many people experience a flux of emotions surrounding the news of his death. But he was a good man, and lived an honorable life. May he rest in peace.

Confessors: Open a Dialogue of Salvation with Penitents

This from the Vatican Information Service, is worthy of reflection…

VATICAN CITY, 11 MAR 2010 (VIS) – At midday today, the Pope received
participants in an annual course on the “internal forum” organised by the
Apostolic Penitentiary. By participating in the course, he told them, “you
have shown the pressing need to dedicate deeper study to a subject that is
essential for the ministry and the life of priests”.

Benedict XVI recalled how this year’s course coincides with the current
Year for Priests, dedicated to St. John Mary Vianney, “who heroically and
fruitfully exercised the ministry of Reconciliation. … From the saintly
‘Cure of Ars’ we priests can learn not only a limitless trust in the
Sacrament of Penance which leads us to reinstate it as the focus of our
pastoral concerns, but also the method of ‘the dialogue of salvation’ which
must be part thereof”, he said.

“Awareness of one’s own limits and the need to turn to Divine Mercy in
order to ask forgiveness, to convert the heart and to find support on the
path of saintliness, are fundamentals in the life of priests. Only someone
who has himself experienced greatness can convincingly announce and
administer the Mercy of God”, the Holy Father explained.

The current cultural context, characterised by “a hedonistic and
relativist mentality which tends to remove God from the horizon of life,
does not facilitate our acquisition of a clear picture of reference values,
and does not help us to discern good from evil or to develop a correct sense
of sin”. This, the Pope noted, is not very different from the period in
which St. John Mary Vianney lived, marked as it was by “a mentality hostile
to the faith, as expressed by certain forces that even sought to prevent the
exercise of the priestly ministry.

“In these circumstances, the saintly ‘Cure of Ars’ made ‘the church his
home’ in order to lead men and women to God”, the Pope added, “and he
appeared to his contemporaries to be an evident sign of God that he
encouraged many penitents to come to his confessional”. Thus, the Holy
Father went on, “it is necessary for priests to live their own response to
vocation ‘exaltedly’, because only someone who daily becomes living and
clear presence of the Lord can arouse a sense of sin in the faithful, give
them courage and stimulate their desire for forgiveness from God”.

“The ‘crisis’ in the Sacrament of Penance, which is often spoken of, is an
appeal addressed first and foremost to priests and to their great
responsibility to educate the people of God in the radical demands of the
Gospel. In particular, it calls on them generously to dedicate themselves to
hearing sacramental confessions, and courageously to guide their flock not
to conform itself to this world, but to make choices that go against the
tide, avoiding deals and compromises”.

Finally, Benedict XVI invited priests to open a “dialogue of salvation”
with their penitents, as suggested by the “Cure of Ars”. A dialogue that,
“arising from the certainty of being loved by God, helps man to recognise
his own sin and progressively to introduce himself into a stable process of
conversion of heart, which leads to the radical rejection of evil and to a
life lived in accordance with God’s wishes”.

Well that's just too long…

No, it has not been a long time since I’ve had a bowl of Wolf Brand Chili. Although actually it has been a very long time since that has happened. I was actually just taken up with my trip to France, and got involved in a lot of life after that which left little time for updating my little portion of real estate on the web here.

With that being writ… away we very unceremoniously go to some links — it’s just a weblog post after all.

Joe Pastry makes Petit Fours I cant stand petit fours, sugary processed, bleah. So it seems that if you make them yourself you at least have some control over how the final effect will be.

Croissants Too. People with food blogs would post a picture of how their croissants came out rather than just a link. I’ll try it, but having it here helps me find it easier in the future.

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Gouzes. The first time someone said Gouzes to me I thought my hearing had gone south. He’s a composer in France working with SATB Mass settings which are fantastic. They are very simple to learn and to sing along with, if you speak French. But only a few translations have been done so far, GIA has them.

Gouzes Music at Sheetmusicplus could be promising as well.

The Rev. Kenneth Allen