Well that's just too long…

No, it has not been a long time since I’ve had a bowl of Wolf Brand Chili. Although actually it has been a very long time since that has happened. I was actually just taken up with my trip to France, and got involved in a lot of life after that which left little time for updating my little portion of real estate on the web here.

With that being writ… away we very unceremoniously go to some links — it’s just a weblog post after all.

Joe Pastry makes Petit Fours I cant stand petit fours, sugary processed, bleah. So it seems that if you make them yourself you at least have some control over how the final effect will be.

Croissants Too. People with food blogs would post a picture of how their croissants came out rather than just a link. I’ll try it, but having it here helps me find it easier in the future.

Catholic Quotes

Confession Quotes

Greatest Catholic Quotes of All Time (Says who? But still a very good collection of quotes.)

Gouzes. The first time someone said Gouzes to me I thought my hearing had gone south. He’s a composer in France working with SATB Mass settings which are fantastic. They are very simple to learn and to sing along with, if you speak French. But only a few translations have been done so far, GIA has them.

Gouzes Music at Sheetmusicplus could be promising as well.

The Rev. Kenneth Allen