Pelicans in the Wilderness

a pelican feeding it's young

This is one of the coolest images I’ve found of pelicans of late.

Pelicans feed their young by feeding them regurgitated fish from their long beak which is pulled down onto it’s breast.  This was often seen as the pelican tearing into it’s breast to feed it’s young, which led to it being a symbol of self sacrifice — and a symbol of Christ feeding His Church.  It’s a beautiful bird, coming back from the near extinction list, and you can read a thoroughly interesting article upon them from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Still, the image of nourishing from sacrifice is profoundly Christlike. state seal  It’s also the image on the Louisiana state seal (and flag of course,) and , of course, the state bird of Louisiana.

And, it’s good to keep pelicans in mind during this oil ‘spill’…  it continues to be a heart rending tragedy.

Vacation Time

Well it’s time for a vacation and time for a spiritual renewal.

warrior for Christ

I’m looking forward to a bit of travel and some visits with great friends. (I won’t be storming the city of Tyre, I just liked that picture for my archives.)

The Rev. Kenneth Allen