A Moss Phase

a mossy day

Awhile ago I decided that I needed a new hobby, and after considerable thought and prayer went with photography. One of my friends, deeply critical, said something long the lines of, ‘That’s for professionals,’ and ‘That’s a whole special field’ when I took a picture of a meal, and ‘That’s just not a good photo!’ about some shot which was obviously not a good shot. But one thing I learned working in the arts for thirty years prior to ordination, is that sometimes you just have to ignore your critics and try to live life as well as possible while honing a craft, pursuing a dream, or otherwise spending time in a way which may not be understood by a few, or by many… but which is still incredibly life giving.

mossy mossy

That’s a long way of saying that yes, I know… these are not great photos. They are not intended to be. And I don’t mind that at all. But for me, there is something about them which is interesting.

moss at night

Art is something which, to my mind, ought to transcend the fact that the producer likes it and finds it interesting; so that one who perceives it also considers it to be interesting. Or whatever it is which one might consider it to be. There is trend in art, often, to merely seek reactionary responses, to want to rile up emotions, turn over apple carts etc. Perhaps that has its place… but who needs it ultimately.

even more moss

That being said, I really think moss has some beautiful moments… Hopefully when I am old and as gray as moss, I will have learned how to take better photos, and will at least have better quality snapshots of my life along the way.

mossy night