Spring Training: Flowers, Pollen and the Denial of Asthma

Spring is my favorite time of year, and my worst time of year. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
blooms on scannerSo in the realm of Mind Body Spirit, some links…

Allergies, Asthma…

While I’ve always suffered with allergies and everything that goes with that, it wasn’t until a few months after Katrina I realized I had asthma. I had been feeling horrible, was handling my allergies pretty well, given the leftover dust from reconstruction and receded flood mud, mold, etc. So one afternoon I gently excused myself from work saying I had to run by my doctor’s for an appointment, and drove over to the emergency room. (I tend to be understated.)

They took symptoms, did some x-rays, then looked perplexed and said ‘Well, you’re fine aside from the asthma.” I looked at him quizzically. “What asthma?!” He explained. And I, figuring that was it like a cold I went my way, with some new medicines. It didn’t go away on its own, I’m sad to say.

However! With the help of an excellent physician I’m still learning about it. And, one of the things I’ve come to realize is the importance of exercise. He had told me one day that if I don’t get regular aerobic exercise in the form of swimming or cycling, then I would be on oxygen by the time I’m 70. And since I’ve been having a light exercise schedule (actually, it’s been in the non-existant phase, since I am often ‘all or nothing’ …)

fitness Attempts

I geared up and headed out on my bike this morning. Ten miles, not much, but a good simple start. A year and a half ago I was walking all over creation, then swimming. Prior to that tons of cycling.

Which always leads to the subject of Pollen. I love spring, but the clouds of pollen usually do get to me in one way or another, leaving me with my head in the clouds. The pollen cast over at Pollen.com is a wonderful tool for allergic sufferers, and for their friends who don’t believe allergies exist.

Pollen and Blooms

But spring always speaks to flowers starting to bloom again. Or here in the south, to continued blooms

Garden Bloggers Bloom of the Month, sponsored by May Dreams Gardens, which links to some great blooms sites.

One of them has wonderful pictures of blooms taken with a flatbed scanner, the technique can be found here.

Some Louisiana sites: January Blooms and Zydeco Irises.

It’s important to take time out to smell the flowers. And, if we’re allergic to them it’s even more important to stay on top of our health. God’s work requires fortitude in mind, body and soul.