Linx Redux

Last year when I reworked the links section on my blog, I more or less took a lot of interesting links and tossed them into the framework. That looked good at the time. But frankly, I really don’t visit a lot of the links here.

So that means I’ve been giving some thought to redoing everything. Again. Having a weblog is always fraught with peril when you’re clergy, obviously. But one struggles on valiantly discerning the will of the Lord.

I’ll start with this link to Dating God, the journey of a Franciscan in today’s world of high drama and secularism. I actually never go there, I just discovered it today. So I don’t know if it will make the reworked blog linx or not. (Suspense is an inherent part of my website. One never knows what one will find, or if it still be there the next day.)

A site I have been reading from time to time is Christopher’s Apologies. Christopher is a regular on Twitter, and I noticed his writing one day — very interesting.

And that’s it for now. Everything needs to be reworked when the spring cleaning comes around.

I’ve been working on some Homilies and Essays to put on the site, but one day at a time.