Gone Photoshopping

It’s one thing to get into photography, and I’ve been ‘into it’ for about 2 months now, so obviously I’m a complete expert. But it’s quite another thing to get into Photoshop.

So, I took the plunge with a free trial and a book on the matter and, Behold!


…and After!

They look exactly the same! Except for the fact that the ‘before’ looks better.

I remember when I got into music and naively decided to make my living as a musician because I loved to play, and wanted to work toward some goals there. I did in time. But it took hours, and hours a day. Day after day. Month after month. Year after year. And even in Seminary I was playing for 4 – 6 Masses per weekend, several at the Seminary during the week, plus rehearsals, concerts, weddings, a few dance classes and recording sessions… Bar Mitzvahs, club openings and raves (not really on the last ones.) And then suddenly it all ended at Ordination. I had a new life, and was now a Priest, not a Musician.

But that’s another story, which I’ve been meaning to write.

Point being, I guess I had best practice the virtue of patience, and keep plugging away little by little. Day after day.

It’s back to the drawing board.