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Focus on the Family’s Plugged In offers reviews and reflections, etc., on pop culture.

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An Interesting Article relates ongoing Christian leaders’ concerns for the continuation of Christianity in the Mid-East.

“According to the archbishop, Europe and North America are blind to the possibility of such an “Islamization” of the Middle East.

The western mentality does not allow it to fully comprehend this risk,” he said.

He explained that politics and religion are interwoven in the Middle East, whereas there is “a tremendous void” between them in western nations.

This results in two extremisms, he said. The Middle Eastern mentality is dominated by Islam, while a secularism that denies its Christian roots and relegates Christian values to the private sphere reigns in the West.

Although “material violence” does not appear in the West, the general privatization of Christianity is “against democracy,” he said. “In the East, however, it is the opposite: religion pervades all.”

He called the future of the Middle East “unknown and scary” and said the international community is “incapable of moving” in reaction to the recent turn of events.