An Ordered List

Since I’ve never used the ‘Ordered List’ feature of html, and I’ve noticed that other bloggers use it regularly, I broke down and decided to use it for a brief update here on my website where content is definitely not king. (Jesus Christ is king, and that’s enough for me.)

An Ordered List
  1. I’m officially assigned to St. Mary Magdalen Parish in Metairie. I love it here.
  2. I’m officially moved in, except for an antique piano which still needs to be moved. I even decided to go ahead and unpack my boxes and settle in. I was always leary of doing that at Our Lady of the Lake, but I’ll be writing a book about that and there’s no need to go into here on my well ordered list. (And actually I’m not really writing a book about that, it’s a joke for heavens sake! I … er… hello? Hello?) But I used to joke with Parishioners that I had never unpacked after Katrina. I finally did unpack and, well… here I am.
  3. I’ve rediscovered the word ‘diet’.
  4. I’ve rediscovered the word ‘exercise’.
  5. My brother was back in the hospital for Easter, and is doing very well now. Please say a prayer for him and his family if you have a moment and are so inclined.
  6. On Holy Saturday I had to walk around the levee and along the woods by the River looking for him. It’s a long story and probably a bit much for an ordered list (an ordered list in html only means that is has numbers…), but it also helped focus on the Passion of Christ.
  7. I had a great Easter, thank you.
  8. I stayed up all night last night to watch the Beatification of John Paul II,
  9. The garden outside the Rectory is a huge project, but is also a very enjoyable past time. It’s not in maintenance mode yet, as it’s still coming out of neglect mode. Pressure washing was a great help, and lots of herbs to follow.
  10. I rediscovered the word diet. Did I mention that already?
  11. While I was staying up to watch the Beatification of John Paul II, I braised some short ribs. The initial browning in the broiler set off our amazingly sensitive smoke alarm which goes off every other day, and the keypad to turn off the smoke alarm was nowhere to be found as someone (not me!) had knocked it off the wall last week and it was out being repaired. The whole fire department showed up. You talk about good natured hilarious men, one of them was telling me his girlfriend uses the smoke alarm as a kitchen timer.
  12. For some reason I’m very sleepy.
  13. Divine Mercy .. it’s amazing.