I was cleaning up some files this evening and came across these pictures on my hard drive.


At St. Michael’s Church outside of Sorrento, LA, there is a shrine in the back with these marble ‘Thank You’ / ‘Merci’ tokens of appreciation. I like those, and have often wondered why we don’t have more of them hereabouts.


A crawfish boil out back (literally!)

an interesting house

A house on River Road, loaded down with religious statues.

mason and hamlin

When I think of all of the camera lenses I’d like to buy, and sigh, I also think I could probably buy a piano like this for the same amount. I love a Mason and Hamlin piano. And this is one has a beautiful touch and sound.

river house

An oddball house on the Mississippi downriver from New Orleans. It, and it’s twin, are right down bu the old Holy Cross school, which sits abandoned post-K.


Roses. It’s these shots which help me realize I’m not much of a photographer. Maybe one day…

And below is a shot of Le Mont Ste. Michel from my visit in 2009. Peace.

le mont

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