une salade

When I decided to take up photography, I was coming to terms with the fact that taking up cooking causes weight gain. However, the immediate result of having a camera was that I then took pictures of lots of food.

It’s a long story; it’s best left for another time.

olde carre

Cleaning out old photos, I noticed a few stragglers I had meant to post but never got around to. And I hardly had time to post all 5,000 of them.

Here’s an auto that showed up on Easter Sunday; I was quite taken with it’s beauty and have about a thousand pictures of it.

Food is a lot easier to compose in a photo then is an antique car against the backdrop of a school building. I’ll have to consider that.


And here is the church steeple as twilight approaches. We have a very modern architecture here; and it works very well.

a wedding

I took my shot at photographing a wedding, and decided to stick with playing the organ and, even better yet, presiding.


A beautiful statue of Mary was in the Sanctuary.

And for now, it’s off to sleep; only so much time in a day…

Fr. Kenneth Allen