Un Gâteau de Crêpes

a crepe cake

A few months ago I made a crêpes cake.

Basically you make crêpes. Then layer them with whatever you want. Here we have pastry creme and a butter rum sauce, topped with a chocolate ganache and toasted almonds. And of course, more pastry creme.

It was awesome.

And it’s not expensive in the least. Although to be fair, it is supposed to be at least twice as high. It’s just that I had used up half of the crepe batter the night before at a dinner gathering.

That was back when I was photo-journaling about food, and thinking about starting a website about Catholic kitchens.

But then life changed, I got a new assignment with new responsibilities et voila, here I am.

I’m still thinking about that website. More on that later, of course… work beckons.