An Orange and Almond Tart

Editors note: Earlier this year I had started an experimental food blog, before being transferred to my new assignment. I loved it and had a blast. At any rate, here is a post from my old, now defunct (or at least severely languishing,) food blog site. As the title implies, it’s an orange and almond tart. Bon apetit!

the finished tart

This is great. And as usual working through the French Friday’s with Dorie project, I learned a few new things.

the beginnings of an almond cream

The filling is an easy and delicious almond cream. I want to put it in everything.

the wrong picture

Wine?! Augh! It’s true that first I made the wrong recipe this week. Here we’re preparing the braising liquid ready for the shortribs project for next week. (There is nothing wrong with having these around the house a week early!)

blood oranges

Blood! Thankfully I had some delicious blood oranges around the house. You section these and let them dry out on paper towels. I love the name ‘blood orange’. It could almost be the name of a novel. It’s probably already the name of a color. I’m going to have to start using it.

the dough, le pate

Dryness. The tart dough was like a puffy, sandy bag of … flour and butter. The egg yolk was instantaneously absorbed into the extremely dry flour, which just screamed for more, more! More!

powder in a bag

I threw it into the refrigerator. Later I added some dribbles of cold water to help bring it together into a semblance of an actual dough, and tasted it thankfully, because it needed some salt. It’s a pretty standard sweet tart shell.

le pate in the mold

I had zero patience putting this dough into the tart pan. Failure was not an option! And neither was taking too much time! The dough got the picture, behaved very well, blind baked beautifully, and I was thankful the directions called for baking it the amount of time which it genuinely needed to bake. I almost always leave mine in longer, but here I didn’t have to.

ready for the oven

Good to go! And so suddenly.

the finished tart


au revoir!

Mine looks absolutely nothing like the model tart provided by Dorie Greenspan, but thankfully it is incredibly delicious. And the top of mine has a nice sort of, blood orange hue to it.

I dusted it with powdered sugar, then ran it under the broiler to glaze the sugar, then decided not to do that and dusted it again. The by product of rushing a new tart. But the taste… is outta this world! It’s going to be great after those short ribs a little later.

Bon apetit!