Relay for Life Dilemmas

Friday night our CYO walked all night long in the local Relay for Life.

relay for life

The kids love it. They look forward to it with wild abandon and glee. And it’s a fun, safe, invigorating time even if it’s completely exhausting.

father delerno

I have hundreds of pictures to post.

many luminaries were present

Even though I never actually post hundreds of pictures.

relay for life

And then I wonder, why do I take so many pictures in the first place.

(And why don’t I resize them correctly?)

they're just walkin'

Some of these made my Facebook album. But Facebook is another dilemma for another day. (I have a thousand friend requests and am at the limit of friends for a long while now. So maybe I should have made a public person page. But… who am I to have a fan page?

(It’s not an overwhelming dilemma.)

Hubig's Pies

But back to the Relay for Life.

Someone emailed me asking me if I was aware of this?

Yes, the American Cancer Society supports Planned Parenthood. Yet, it was with a stop-smoking grant, not funds for abortions.

relay for life

So, I have mixed feelings about this. I have he feeling it will be an issue.

relay for life

For now, this appears (to me at least) to be a relatively new concern. And if the kids are there and the Archdiocese is promoting the event, I will be out supporting them. As for the future of it, we’ll have to give this matter some more thought, prayer and research. No one wants to be supporting abortion rights with money raised to fight cancer.

At the same time, I support anyone and everyone who is trying to quit smoking. But that’s another story, for another time.

2 thoughts on “Relay for Life Dilemmas”

  1. Hi Father! I just stumbled on your blog then I shared your post on “Prayer for Protection During the Night” and then I bookmarked it. 🙂 I hope you do consider creating a “like” page on facebook for the same reason you made this blog. Put a caveat on it if you want. If for you it is somehow a risk of pride then please step away but if not and you see it as the opportunity to spread the faith to more people or edify the faithful, etc. then please by all means… Let me click that “like” so you can pop up on my feed because for many facebook is simply a customized newsletter. Ok, that’s my 2 cents.
    Thanks Padre! God Bless You!

  2. Hi Carol, thanks for the thoughts. I’ll have to consider it now. It definitely would not be an invitation to pride, more like an exercise in humiliation! But if the Lord wants me to write, I’ll just plug away until it falls into place. Can’t get better at something unless you practice… Thanks again for the thoughts, I appreciate them.@Carol

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