A New Teaching

This from the Naked Pastor.

The Anchoress was writing about just the same thing today. More or less. She writes: “Perhaps if all of us turned off the TV, shut down the internet, silenced the iPods and spent 15-30 minutes a day taking instruction in his presence or beneath his Cross, our humility would be such that we could never cry out “heretic” without first proclaiming it for ourselves.”

Salient thoughts. And discourse today has gotten so strident. Ouch.

Now, I had really meant to post something about the Burning Bush today, since it was in the daily Mass readings and it was a great source of prayer this morning. I’m just remarkably tired. Or just tired of things as they are.

I am opting out of political discourse I do believe. The world has gone crazy in so many areas. Of course my site is currently called ‘Life and Times‘ of a 21st Century Priest, not just ‘Life’. Maybe I should call it ‘Photoblog of a 21st Century Priest’s Life.’

That’s a real winner. Catchy.

I was going to call it Confessions of a Catholic Priest, but… I didn’t. It’s a long tragic tale, filled with drama and intrigue. It’s the type of thing I never write about here on my dull, lifeless weblog.

I am going to be devoting myself to prayer and discernment of the work of the Holy Spirit in my life, and in the world. The future is so bright in many ways.

I have some walking to do before I get to Night Prayer. And then, blessed sleep. The hour, it grows late for such things…