Guest Bloggers

I’ve been pondering the subject of Guest Bloggers.

Sarah Rienhard, over at the Catholic Writer’s Guild, makes some excellent points on Guest Blogging:

Benefits of Guest Posting (whether or not you blog)

1. It gets you exposed to a different audience, or, if you’re not a blogger, to an online audience.

2. It’s a win-win, in many ways. The blogger gets good content; you get a chance to tap into their audience.

3. It might stretch you to write in a different way, for a new subject, or for a set of people you might not have a chance to connect with otherwise.

And, she offers great advice on whether or not to blog at all:

To keep that brief, I can handle blogging, despite the fact that I don’t overly edit my writing. (Unless I completely edit it almost out of existence, such as this once lengthy post.)

Point being! I’ve started inviting Guest Bloggers to post. So. We’ll see how this goes… should be fun!

Fr. Kenneth Allen