The Economic Document

The world is all abuzz with the new Vatican Document on the Economy presented this morning. A major problem is that it’s impossible to imagine a world with the United Nations functioning as the key financial player, while at the same time having a just world.

Michael Gorbachev is saying basically the same thing as the Vatican.

So is George Soros.

there are some good ideas here (obviously). Yet paragraphs like this one are problematic for me:

In view of the unification of the world engendered by the complex phenomenon of globalization, and of the importance of guaranteeing, in addition to other collective goods, the good of a free, stable world economic and financial system at the service of the real economy, today the teaching of Pacem in Terris appears to be even more vital and worthy of urgent implementation.

Urgent implementation?

No one can be content with seeing man live like “a wolf to his fellow man”, according to the concept expounded by Hobbes.

So we’re denouncing Hobbes, and at the same time promoting an urgent growth of a Hobbesian culture into a worldwide political and economic might, which will somehow be very equitable, fair and just.

It’s a hard sell, to say the least.