Charity Hospital

A few months back I took this shot of the old Charity Hospital.

Charity Hospital

It’s abandoned since Katrina, and there’s talk of using it for residential purposes. My grandmother learned nursing at Charity in the 20’s, in the old wooden buildings.

These buildings (or this building) has served since the building sprees during the great depression, and remains as an iconic sense of art deco architecture, and/or of loss, depending on how one looks at it. It’s huge, and inside the hospital is made of of long wards in many areas. Covered in mildew, and rotting at the seams, it stands as a silent witness to indecision.

But why not look at the bright side: it’s got lots of potential.

Splash, out.


Who am I kidding? I “recently retired my website” my earlobes.

Ben Franklin’s Rules of Personal Finance, is just what it implies. And it’s very good advice (obviously.)

Non-Native Native Art is, well this is just what it implies also. Web names have taken on a whole new trend in becoming exactly what they mean. Not that there was never not a trend towards that. But there wasn’t. Was there? Whatever, it’s a fun site.

Medjugorje Documents is a collection of documents from the Diocese of Mostrar relating to the Medjugorje phenomena.

Medjugorje with a Mask is another collection of documents which examine the Medjugorje phenomena more closely.

And that’s that for these links, which have been sitting open on my desktop until I locate them somewhere. And I am entirely more likely to find them here than anywhere else! Hence the return of the weblog…

Fr. Kenneth Allen