Good Times

Because there’s nothing else to do with these random photos — it’s either delete them, have prints made so they can sit in a box on a shelf, or store them on yet another hard drive — I’ve decided to share them with you.

These type of demanding, cutting edge editorial decisions need to be made daily here, to keep this website spinning like a top.

These cool cats were the hit of the Bacchus route in our neck of the woods. I asked to take their picture, and one day that spread could make a great photo essay just watching the changing group dynamics


Winning smile, wonderful costume.

Mardi Gras

It was a pretty relaxed morning…


My good friend Adele.


The Japanese Magnolias were in bloom again… Such a strange flower, suitable to any occasion.


There’s a story here. I think these costumes are great for many reasons. I posted the pic on a Facebook page, and someone said “What’s so great about this?” Then I second guessed myself, un-posted it and curled into a ball and sucked my thumb for twelve hours. But I’m perfectly fine now, thank you.

The Creole Queen… It’s such a beautiful boat. Years ago a friend dragged me onto this boat to play the slot machines. I had a quarter on me, and walked out with $31 and was on top of the world.

mardi gras

We hit it off immediately, and nodded knowingly as we passed on the street.

St. Joseph

And this is St. Joseph’s Church, which I post pics of every now and again. It’s grand and beautiful, but it needs a huge pipe organ way back there. Still, it makes me glad to be Catholic whenever I walk in.

Well, it re-affirms my gladness… it… you know what I mean.

And that’s it for now… but exciting things are happening, and it’s all good.

The Rev. Kenneth Allen