On A Saturday Afternoon


“The Eucharist is the Sacrament of Love; It signifies Love, It produces love. The Eucharist is the consummation of the whole spiritual life.”

~ Saint Thomas Aquinas


“We become what we love and who we love shapes what we become. If we love things, we become a thing. If we love nothing, we become nothing. Imitation is not a literal mimicking of Christ, rather it means becoming the image of the beloved, an image disclosed through transformation. This means we are to become vessels of God´s compassionate love for others.”

~ St. Clare of Assisi

“Patience attains All that it strives for. He who has God Finds he lacks nothing: God alone suffices.”

“It is love alone that gives worth to all things”

~ St. Teresa of Avila

I don’t know that these quotes have anything to do with these pictures, but they’re certainly great quotes, and they happen to be on my desktop at the moment.

St. Jane is a beautiful little Church, and it’s surprisingly not as small as it looks. And it’s a very loving and friendly community.

Off into the weekend ~~~ Pax Christi.

Life at St. Jane's

St. Jane de Chantal Church

Yes, you guessed it: I’ve been walking around with my camera again.

And then going for that startling, vibrant look which is so ‘in’ in photos these days.

Oh, wait… you’ve not been seeing startling and vibrant photos which look quite like these?

Well. On a separate note, we really need to do something about these power lines in front of the Church, like run them underground.

That’s a joke by the way.

On the right side of the choir loft is a little belfry type room with windows; the first Pastor used to spend his nights there. I guess he more or less lived in the choir loft, which no doubt made for an interesting life. (I used to do that, but I was an organist.) The little room is about ten feet by eight feet, at the most.

And that’s no joke.

St. Jane's

The rain here has been amazing. The dry, dry earth from the past few years has been soaking it up, and everything is green as could be and beautiful. Lots of dramatic clouds, too.

One of my seminary friends (now Dr. Jerry Harrington,) took up the photo a day contest that I bailed on recently, which inspired me to get back to it. Why not give it a try… what could happen?

Px, out.


the pearl river

As you recall, I’ve been transferred over to St. Jane de Chantal, in Abita Springs; which has been taking up a lot of my time. Which is a good thing, of course, seeing as I’m the new Pastor.

But yesterday I decided to drive around the Parish to see what territory we have… talk a bout a large land area! We include parts of the Bogue Chitto, and the Pearl River.

So, whilst driving over the Pearl I got out and snapped his shot from the bridge near Bogalusa (since it’s the only bridge that crosses the river anywhere near here.)

A few things about that:

  1. That bridge is very high, and no one stops on it to take pictures.
  2. The view down to the water is terrifying.
  3. The river had a very industrial and muddy look right below the bridge which made my stomach churn.
  4. The thing’s I’ll do for a photograph are starting to amaze me.
  5. I’d do it again in a flash.
  6. It’s been so rainy, it’s like living on Venus. And this captures some of that Louisiana cloudy, dreamlike, dark green, and watery landscape that we have so much of, and that I love so much.

On that note, the time has come to head to retire for the eve. Splash, out.

The Rev. Kenneth Allen