Although this happened several weeks ago, on June 22 to be exact, I haven’t been able to get around to doing anything about pictures for a very simple reason.

I updated my MacBook.


And now it’s taking forever to do anything, let alone do a simple edit on a photo. (And it’s a bad edit at that, sorry.)

It’s also given me some time to reflect on this photo, which was taken by a friend. The grey curtain and the a/c vents are sort of an unbecoming backdrop during Mass. And it looks like St Michael is about to hit Fr. Bourg with his lance.

Then, one has to wonder why there is a wall lamp to the right, and why it does not work. And the Infant of Prague is practically hidden back there.

Mass is always about the mysteries you know. But maybe we can clear up a few of these minor mysteries as time goes on.

As for being Pastor, it’s wonderful in many regards. The challenges are not where I would have considered them to be, and that does require a lot of prayer. But of course, that goes with the territory.

I’m looking forward to getting my laptop back up to snuff. We have photos to post! Stories to tell! Places to see!

And evidently, longer albs to buy… pounds to lose… Oh my.


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  1. Great to have you with us, Fr. Ken. Keep your delilghtfuly commentaries coming. Luv your sense of humor.

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