The Extraordinary Former Church


I found this old photo of a wedding in the Church a few days ago. (I’ve seen copies floating around, but was glad indeed to find out we actually have the original.)

You could spend hours arguing any which way when it comes to Church remodeling and decorating. Many people do.

But here’s an interesting juxtaposition.


It’s pretty much the same view taken at Fr. Jambon’s farewell Mass a few weeks ago. Quite a difference.

I found quite a few old photos. So… until next time.

2 thoughts on “The Extraordinary Former Church”

  1. Thanks for sharing the old photo. We have been in the parish for 17 years and know the church pretty much as it is now. I had no idea St. Jane was so beautiful ! The old altar was magnificent, I wonder what happened to it.
    And it looked so much more reverent without the stick on fleur de lis as a backdrop. You are right, the air conditioning vent and the drab curtain covering the old tabernacle are distractions. The symetry of the altars to the Blessed Mother and St.Joseph were very pleasing to the eye. Quite a difference !

  2. Lets be honest. The previous generation abandoned the faith and destroyed our churches. It is up to us to reclaim all that is beautiful and holy from tradition. When we disrespect the Liturgy (God’s work in us) God cannot bless us. You’ve all heard the saying “Its the economy stupid” in the political world. Well, we have many problems in the Church today. We need God’s help more than ever. How do we fix them? Maybe we should just remember……..”Its the Liturgy stupid!”

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