On Another Stormy Afternoon


A brief bike ride as Isaac fell apart, and this is the memorable pic. It’s right there by the bike path all the time, I just haven’t had my camera with me until the hurricane hit.


And this.

It’s what happens during hurricanes, since they last forever and a day. And then they go on and on and on.

One moment everything’s grand. Eventually, you’re napping on a sofa, cooking on a camp stove, sleeping on a chaise lounge in a dining room, or photographing water as it pools on the lawn.

And then you’re exhausted, and need to sleep.

Lord Jesus Christ, send your holy angels to watch over us as we sleep. Help us to be victorious in the battles we accept in your name. Help us to know you, and to help bring healing and wholesome, abundant living wherever we are. Amen.

The Rev. Kenneth Allen