Priest’s Online

I came across this interesting series encouraging Priest’s presence online.

I’ve noticed that I’m actually frightened about blogging for several reasons, one of which was highlighted by a recent Facebook interaction that left me a bit speechless. And, I know who frightens me more than anyone else, but I’m not letting that get to me anymore.

These articles are a few years old, and contain advice most Priests know by now. Still, it’s helpful for me to read through and rediscover the reasons I started keeping a web presence to begin with.

Part 1: Broadcasting and Narrowcasting the Gospel Father Dwight Longenecker
Sometimes “preaching to the choir” is part of our mission too, but the fruits will surprise you.
Part 2: Getting Online? Get Help! Father Leo Patalinghug
The key to a vibrant online ministry isn’t technical savvy, but knowing who to count on for help.
Part 3: Are Priests Afraid of Facebook? Father Jose de Jesus Palacios
Why aren’t more priests active on social networking sites?
Part 4: Social Media Evangelization: 18 Ways Ana Roca Castro
The horizons for new media evangelization are limitless. This should get you started.
Part 5: ‘Get Rid of the Website: Advice to Ignore Father Len Plazewski
Keep the website, but get on Facebook too: vocation recruiting in 2010.
Part 6: ‘Men in Black’ Belong in the Combox Deacon John Burns
Being a part of online conversations is key to priestly presence on the Internet.
Part 7:Turn to the Spiritual Masters to Overcome Internet Superficiality Father Robert Barron
The Gospel cannot be reduced to a sound bite. So how can we get it across?

Fr. Kenneth Allen