A Ride Around the Lake

One of the bike routes I’ve been training (straining is a better word here…) to do, is a simple ride around Lake Pontchartrain. Google has a great map of the route, put up by Joey Brooks.

I would link to Joey’s site, but it’s not there any more! His Vimeo page is still there… He used to run a great, informative site on every aspect of riding in and around new Orleans. But, since I spent years doing just that and no longer live in New Orleans, I didn’t venture over too often.

I guess cycling for a living doesn’t always pay the web hosting bills.

That being said… how difficult is it to figure out a way around the lake? The most difficult part is just doing it. At 140 miles, if I’m already doing 50, this should not be a terrible process.

Joey Bike Route

Fr. Kenneth Allen