Clearing Up Chronic Knee Pain

Well Hoo Boy, have I been busy! In the midst of moving, riding, walking and lifting I also suddenly developed a knee pain while out hiking one day, which the good doc says doesn’t seem to be anything at all. (Good thing of course.) Still, it led me to start reading through An Athlete’s Guide to Chronic Knee Pain, which I have to say is both informative and helpful.

The book lists several videos to help with form, which I list here sheerly for my own ease in watching them later on. The book is very helpful, and recommends (surprise!) squats and deadlifts. It’ll be in my “preventative workout” for the time being.

Romanian Deadlift

Box Squats

Squat Stance and Semantics

Bottom Stretch

Paused Isometric Squat

Weighted Squats

RDL Hops

Ankle Depth Jumps

RDL Jumps and Landing

Fr. Kenneth Allen