A Morning at f5.6

Ragweed,  My Bane.

So I’m learning about aperture settings.

I picked f5.6 as an aperture setting because… well why not? Do you have a favorite?  

All of these photos are at f5.6.

Question:  Father, why don’t you write about the Church, especially about the Synod going on right now?

Answer:  I actually spend a lot of time reading and keeping up with the Church, and with the ongoing Synod.  I have a lot of thoughts about it all, which I express with friends and Parishioners, and which I bring into my Homilies.

I don’t write here about it because I what I need is a creative outlet, not a place to rationalize, hash out and digest.   Maybe one day I will.  I guess we’ll see?


This is the Tammany Trace, about two blocks from the Church. It’s a great exercise route, and a great route to the store or wherever you might want to get to.  I love to ride it out to the lake.

Visually it can be a little boring at times.

Especially in a walk around shot like this.  Sorry!


I realized the other day my walk around kit lens from years ago is a macro lens.  That means it takes closeups well.  When I got my first grown up camera I didn’t have a clue what was up from down. And, well, still learning.

The aperture setting opens the apparatus which controls the amount of light into the frame.

A lower setting, such as f5.6 here, allows some of the background to be out of focus.  You would say that it has a shallow depth of field.  A higher aperture setting, which we don’t see here, would allow for everything to be in focus, but would also require more light, so a longer shutter exposure would be required.

Most cameras, including mine, have an aperture setting (Av or such) which give the aperture priority.  Here I just set it to f5.6 and the camera did the rest.

One day I’d like to shoot full manual, but… all things in their time.


Some type of morning glory vine that’s usually all shriveled up by the time I get out walking.  I was early today because the temperature plummeted to 50 something, and it was very damp and chilly and I loved it.


And this is Loretta, who I went to Music School with way, way back in the day. She is charming, hard working, and a complete powerhouse when it comes to all of our pro-life resources and/or youth related endeavors.



Some kind of wild daisy.

It’s just an exercise, man!


Until next time…