The Birds

I was driving home to Abita from the city the other day, and decided to take the scenic route.  Part of me, really, was just tired and didn’t feel like dealing with interstate traffic.  And then another part of me just likes the scenic drive out through the fishing camps along the Rigolets.


I had to stop and photo these birds though.  I mean, there was a whole lagoon full of birds to choose from…

Gull Lagoon

Although, a glance to the right changed the lighting entirely, into a bleak, TS Elliot-esque landscape.


Rigolets bridge

The lagoon is past the Rigolets bridge.  And before Ft. Pike.

Fort Pike

Which is never open, by the way.  If you find it open one day… give me a call!  I’d love to go see it sometime.

Fr. Kenneth Allen