The Fitbit Flex – or How I came to Realize I was Fat

the fitbit flex

Awhile ago I bought a Fitbit Flex, began using it religiously, and put it down when the band broke.  Which is my big criticism, as the band is kind of cheap, and prone to breaking.

The good news is that the bands are inexpensive and easily replaced.  I highly suspected as much, and the other day came across an all in one package in the WalMart, which included a new band and and new USB charger.  About which I was very happy, as I could not find my USB charger anywhere.

As Benjamin Franklin wrote in The Way to Wealth, so long ago, and which I should no doubt read more often, expenses will always be with us.  So I shelled out the $15 and brought it home and cranked it up.  Mainly because my friend Billy added me as a friend in, and I figured this was a great way to re-start the lifelong process of “getting back into shape”.

Which all came about because, after a year’s worth of coaching with Precision Nutrition Coaching, which is really a great program, I realized I’m still fat, essentially out of shape, and never going to live a long full life if I don’t get with the program and make some changes.

A lot of which I’ve already made, as a matter of fact. Fitness used to be a way of life for me, from about 18 on, after growing up an overweight, bookish, Star Trek and film nerd.

But, when push comes to shove, “it’s the diet, stupid.”  I would go into dietary changes Im considering at length, but…. I have to get walking, people!  I think that the phrase “plant strong” about sums it up though.

Feel free to look me up on fitbit.  I could definitely use the support and motivation.

Fr. Kenneth Allen